Air & Ocean Freight

Landside freight handling and transport services for import & export cargo

Air & Ocean Freight

PBT’s specialised landside services are managed by the experienced team that joined PBT in 2018 through the acquisition of CMT. Through this team, PBT is able to offer international freight forwarders a full range of neutral landside freight handling and transport services, including Airfreight CTO transfers and CFS pack & unpack services, as well as seamless access to the local metro and national Courier, Transport and Container services of PBT.

Our people have the specialist knowledge and experience, backed up by leading systems and process, that international forwarders expect from a service oriented domestic freight handling and transport partner.

There are a number of ways to access PBT’s landside services, including an online job booking portal and EDI integration.

The combined services of PBT and CMT provide international forwarders with a unique solution for all domestic NZ landside freight handling and transport services, including eCommerce, airfreight and ocean-freight – all from a neutral service provider.

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